20 October 2014


Pretty (but comfy) underwear.
A cosy knit jumper or cardigan.
A good workspace. (Isn't my new desk just delightful? Still working on making it super "me".)
A plan for the week ahead.

And this song; because how could you not want to dance around like a crazy person when you hear it? Just me?

This post is based on this tweet I made last week. But maybe they will become a regular thing? Monday's are hard to get through after all.

What are your Monday Essentials? I'd love to know in the comments or on Twitter!


  1. Great essentials. Cosy jumpers and pretty underwear is always a must!
    ps. your workspace is soooo nice. v. jealous.

  2. I listen to Come On Eileen before every shift I do at work, I love my job but when you feel a bit rubbish it puts you in the best frame of mind! Your workspace is lovely!

    Great post! xx

    1. How anyone could even hate that song, I don't know! Makes me dance every time! Thanks so much! xx