24 April 2015

These were taken yesterday when my flat mate and I spent an entire day in the wonderful Glasgow sunshine.

Lunch in Peña, reading and people watching in Kelvingrove Park, a trip up to Byres Road late afternoon and a Waitrose picnic dinner in the Botanical Gardens before popping into our friends for a cup of tea. I had such a productive morning too, so it was a good day.

I'm in love with my outfit, and more specifically these jeans. They're the perfect mom jeans for me in terms of colour, style and not making me feel huge while I'm wearing them - far better than anything else I've seen or tried on. My only wish for this outfit (which you can bet will be repeated!) is that I could have worn my Saltwater sandals, but alas, my toenails weren't painted. You win some, you lose some.

Outfit details: collarless shirt - vintage, mom jeans - H&M, shoes - Dr Martens, canvas tote - Alphabet Bags.

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