19 April 2014

Sunny Glasgow

10 things that I've been finding happiness in this past week. An Anti-Sad List, if you will. Expect more of these in the future - I'm trying to inject some more positivity into my life. And thinking about the little things in life is a pretty good place to start.

1. The new Fatherson album
2. This article on Delightfully Tacky re: body hair on women
3. Forum Cafe Galaxy Caramel ice cream (I have dreams about it)
4. Learning Photoshop, and being quite okay at it
5. Clear skies - both bright and blue and black and starry
6. Floaty midi skirts - I'm going to be buying lots more for summer this year!
7. Gilmore Girls marathons
8. My new tattoo - I can't stop smiling at it
9. Being able to have my windows open all day
10. Getting the last one on the shelf of my favourite yoghurt


  1. I always make sure to write down a list of "Good Things" on my lazy Sunday mornings, it makes it that much easier to face monday :) P.S Midi skirts are so great aren't they!

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    Sade xo

  2. this is such a good idea! making notes of the good things that happen, even when a week doesn't go as well as planned! xx

  3. I LOVE the gilmore girls, they're the best (and I apologize, I'll stop commenting now hah)!